Don’t Quote Me by Name, But My Friends the Koch Brothers Respect the Hell Out of Press Freedom


The New York Times finds anonymous sources to assure us that the Koch brothers are not trying to buy the Tribune newspapers in order to “destroy the other side.” But Mother Jones finds an actual person who explains how the Kochs actually treat media outlets whose reporting they don’t like.


Lauding ‘Those Who Chose to Look’ at Economic Crisis

By now it’s old news to any reasonably critical observer that corporate outlets’ “business reporters failed to see the crisis in the mortgage and credit markets as it brewed and bubbled,” as former City Limits editor Alyssa Katz puts it (CJR.org, 9/14/09), but Katz also gives props to others who noticed how “evidence of its unsustainability was plain to see for those who chose to look”: The fact is, and as immodest as it may seem to say, independents were repeatedly ahead of the curve on covering the mortgage and real estate bubble and in connecting the dots between vital […]


WaPo on Healthcare: ‘Correct. But. . . Not Helpful’

Presenting yet another example of corporate media failure to grasp the concept of “Adjusted for Inflation,” Kevin Drum (MotherJones.com, 7/26/09) has written up a Washington Post piece in which “David Brown says that as treatment for heart attacks has gotten better, it’s also gotten more expensive”: “Over the same period, the charges for treating a heart attack marched steadily upward, from about $5,700 in 1977 to $54,400 in 2007 (without adjusting for inflation).” I continue not to understand why anyone would write this. Why not this instead? “Over the same period, adjusted for inflation, the charges for treating a heart […]