Iraq, Finally Learning to Ride Its Bike

Richard Engel on NBC Nightly News (10/21/11), speaking about the end of the Iraq War: The training wheels off, Iraq will have to succeed or fail without American troops on the ground to guide the way. That’s quite a metaphor–invading and occupying a country for eight years as “training wheels.” Engel’s report includes this reference to the death toll: Iraqi deaths, almost 150,000, but many Iraqis believe it’s a million. Of course it’s not just Iraqis who believe this–the British polling firm Opinion Research Business (ORB), which has worked for the BBC, the British Conservative Party and the International Republican […]


NBC’s Curious Gas Guest

NBC Nightly News on Saturday (4/29/11) had a pretty standard report on the politics of gas prices: Republicans blame Obama, and some Democrats are talking up the idea of raising taxes on oil companies. “Democrats call the profits excessive, and portray Republicans as wedded to oil interests,” correspondent Mike Viqueira explained. Then NBC introduced an expert, who had this somewhat curious take: VIQUEIRA: With Congress returning Monday from a two-week break, experts say there is little that Washington can do to lower the short-term price per gallon. In the end, what may bring down the high prices of gas is […]


NBC’s ‘Good Model’ for Healthcare

The night before Obama’s big healthcare summit, NBC Nightly News offered some advice. “There’s a place where policymakers could look for some tips on how an affordable, well-run system operates,” anchor Brian Williams told viewers. “It is already running here in the U.S.” Correspondent Robert Bazell explained: “Many experts agree that whatever happens in the health reform debate, a good model is Kaiser Permanente.” Bazell went on to describe how Kaiser’s salaried doctors “have no incentive to order unnecessary tests or office visits.” He also pointed to cost savings from use of electronic medical records. “To be sure, patients sometimes […]


You’re Kidding!

From the end of the NBC Nightly News (3/3/09): CHUCK TODD: And finally, let’s close with Michelle Obama. Amazing numbers for a new first lady.Sixty-three percent positive rating. What makes it more remarkable, six months ago you and I were talking about at the Democratic Convention, she might be a liability if he’s not careful. She’s no liability. Wait a second–you mean that some of the inane chatter heard in corporate media has no relationship to reality?!?! Thatis “remarkable.”