Writing Unions Out of the Story on Fighting Poverty

Striking workers (cc photo: Kheel Center)

NY Times looks at the some new research on the failure to reduce poverty–but doesn’t mention the minimum wage or strengthening workers’ power through unions.


Fiscal Cliff Not a Cliff? Tell That to USA Today


Some commentators and journalists have pointed out the metaphor for the impending tax increases and spending cuts in 2013–the “fiscal cliff”–is highly misleading, and probably intentionally so. There is no way to reverse course when you fall off a cliff; you are plummeting towards the ground, making a terrible mess upon impact. Thus the brakes must be applied before the end of the year. In reality, this isn’t true; Congress and the White House can actually go past the “cliff” deadline, and strike a deal early next year, without the supposedly dire consequences. The numbers thrown around in the press […]