What Did Samantha Power Say About Iraq Invasion?

Samantha Power on Democracy Now!

The New York Times says that UN Ambassador-nominee Samantha Power “criticized the American invasion of Iraq because it lacked the council’s stamp, among other reasons.” But what did Power actually say about the Iraq War before it happened?


Feeding the World: The Expert’s Burden

In today’s New York Times article, “Experts Worry as Population and Hunger Grow,” there’s some Green Revolution mythology propagated about how the policies “staved off famines affecting millions.” As has been pointed out, though food production did increase, hunger actually increased as well just about everywhere affected by the Green Revolution; the reason the overall numbers showed hunger down was because China, as part of its own revolution including land reform, managed to reduce hunger dramatically. But the overall framing of the article is what bothers me more–the idea that it’s “scientists and development experts” who are responsible for “feeding […]