Highly Placed Media Racists

Nicholas Wade

Nicholas Wade was a leading New York Times science writer for three decades. He left the paper weeks after the May publication of his book, A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History, a book many reviewers say is a full-throated defense of “scientific racism.”


Plagiarism: Why It Matters

Chris Hedges

One reaction I’ve seen to the accusations of plagiarism against Chris Hedges is, basically: Who cares? It’s true there are greater journalistic crimes than plagiarism. When a reporter fabricates stories, or passes along government lies as truth, people can get killed. Plagiarism has never started a war, as far as I can tell. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not a serious matter, at least for the journalistic community. It’s a matter of workplace theft. Imagine that you wait tables in a restaurant, and one of your co-workers turns out to have a habit of picking up other people’s tips […]


Snowden Is a Janitor Working for the Russians


If lawmakers are making unfounded allegations about a whistleblower, and those allegations are being repeated across the media, one might think the real problem is with a media culture.


Racist Against Arabs? That’s A-OK

For anyone who doubts that there is a double standard regarding racism in the U.S. media, read Marty Peretz’s blog post (New Republic, 6/19/10) on the “crooked little emirate” of Dubai, in which he glibly comments that “Arabs are deft at disguising reality.” Peretz will certainly be able to continue to freely publish his anti-Arab screeds with little condemnation, yet Helen Thomas was pushed out of her job and rebuked by President Obama himself (AP, 6/8/10) and some pundits (FAIR blog, 6/14/10) for her comments telling Israelis to “get the hell out of Palestine” and to “go home” to Poland, […]


‘Meaningful Change’ at the New Republic

Glenn Greenwald (8/27/09, ad-viewing required) of Salon‘s series of New Republic quotes morphing from condemning a perceived “anti-Lieberman jihad” to calling for “knocking off Democrats like Conrad and Joe Lieberman” charts the outlet’s “rapid and total reversal–one effectuated without the slightest acknowledgment that it even occurred.” Calling the change “just the accountability-free nature of Beltway punditry,” Greenwald also spies “a more important point highlighted here”: namely, it is a sign of how dysfunctional the Democratic Party is–and how meaningless is their glorious super-majority–that even the New Republic, which long prided itself on safeguarding the party from nefarious left-wing influences, is […]


Pundits, and Thus Pols: ‘Pathologically’ Blameless

Writing on Salon (5/31/09, ad-viewing required) of the “controversy surrounding Jeffrey Rosen’s New Republic anonymity-driven smear attack on Sonia Sotomayor’s intellect and character,” Glenn Greenwald sees more evidence that the one trait that defines establishment pundits more than any other is a pathological inability ever to accept blame or admit error. That’s because they work in the most accountability-free profession in America, where people like Bill Kristol (with a record like this) and Jeffrey Goldberg (with a record like this) get promoted despite no retractions or remorse, and establishment media stars in general can pretend that they bear no responsibility […]


On TNR’s ‘Incredible Dereliction of Basic Journalism’

Jonathan Schwarz has a quick post (3/27/09) over on his A Tiny Revolution blog asking readers, “Have I Lost My Mind?” or “is it really true that the New Republic published a 6,000-word profile of Larry Summers” that wondered if “Summers might appear to have less to contribute on the bank and credit-market front” since “his exposure to Wall Street over the years has been limited.” Schwarz has to ask how it was possible to print that passage without mentioning Summers spent several years as a managing director of D.E. Shaw, one of the world’s largest hedge funds?… That’s such […]


The Media’s Real Problem: Media Critics!

ANew Republic editorial (3/4/09)about the decline of the mainstream media points a finger squarely at media critics: The master narratives of both the right and the left have come to include the same villain: the hypocritical, biased elite media. And their combined grouching has helped foment the anti-media backlash. Both sides do it–now there’s a new one. The magazine uses Bernie Goldberg’s skimpy(and error-filled)book Bias as an example of right-wing media criticism, then moves on to the left: A mirror version of this critique emerged on the left. In this telling, it was the timid, lazy press corps that failed […]