NY Post’s Stop-and-Frisk Scare


The New York Post is suggesting New York City is seeing the beginning of a scary crime wave. Turns out (surprise!) the Post is mostly full of it.


New York Times to New Yorkers: You’re Supporting the Wrong Mayoral Candidate!

Bill de Blasio (cc photo: William Alatriste/Public Advocate)

A New York Times story headlined “Poll Finds Support for de Blasio, if Not All His Ideas” could have more accurately been called “Poll Finds Support for de Blasio, Along With Most of His Ideas”


USA Today Covers NYC Elections–Unfortunately


USA Today tries to explain what the Democratic primary elections in New York City, using some of corporate media’s favorite electoral tropes: mandating a move to the right, misleading on stop-and-frisk, and finding “ambivalence” when voters line up on the wrong side.


NYT’s Bruni: Don’t Blame Bloomberg for Inequality–He Didn’t Mean It

Michael Bloomberg cc photo: Simone D. McCourtie / World Bank)

As an op-ed columnist, Frank Bruni was a heck of a restaurant critic. That was demonstrated once again by his farewell (New York Times, 9/10/13) to outgoing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who Bruni thinks is getting a bum rap from the Democrats who are vying in the primaries today for a chance to succeed him.  Bruni particularly objects to frontrunner Bill de Blasio’s resonant tale of two New Yorks, the wealthy one that Bloomberg is accused of coddling and the less wealthy one that he supposedly showed the back of his hand…. It’s a narrative of either-or, of […]


FAIR TV: Snowden the ‘Spy,’ Stop-and-Frisk Factcheck, Student Loan Rates

On FAIR TV this week: CBS tries to call Edward Snowden a “spy,” and Bill Kristol makes his ABC comeback with a bogus defense of New York’s stop-and-frisk police searches. Plus: Student loan rates are slashed, say the TV reports. But are they actually…going up? Watch it all this on this week’s episode:


Bait-and-Switch on Stop-and-Frisk

Homicide Rate in New York City (Wikipedia)

There’s a powerful urge to believe, it seems, that abusing the Fourth Amendment rights of young men of color somehow makes the rest of us safer.


Frisking Bill Kristol


Neocon pundit Bill Kristol was wrong every which way about the Iraq War. So why’s he on ABC talking about stop and frisk?


Newsweek: In Praise of Ray Kelly, Crime-Fighting Superhero

Ray Kelly

Last night’s on CBS‘ 60 Minutes, viewers got to see an encore broadcast of an embarrassingly sycophantic tribute to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. Glenn Greenwald takes it apart at, explaining how CBS regaled viewers with “news” about “the heart of the man with a world of worry,” and documented—through dogged investigative work—how Panetta “stays in touch with his humanity.” This was no isolated incident; hero worship is a endemic feature of corporate media. Consider the current issue of Newsweek, where one can find another embarrassing tribute to a supposedly tough talking leader. This time it’s New York Police Department […]


NYT Quake Reporter: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

The New York Times‘ Katharine Seelye begins her report (8/24/11) on yesterday’s Virginia-centered earthquake with a dangerous inaccuracy: Of all the things there are to worry about, earthquakes are fairly low on the list for those on the East Coast. Actually, people on the East Coast should probably worry about earthquakes a lot more than they do. A study done of potential quake hazards faced by various cities placed Boston at slightly more risk than San Francisco (Wired Science, 8/23/11)–because the latter city, while more seismically active, is also better prepared. In New York City, where Seelye’s main audience resides, […]


When ‘Thriving’ Capitalism Is Really ‘Organized Crime’

Current Anti-Advertising Agency CEO Steve Lambert and founder Jordan Selier have posted (, 5/12/09) their letter to the New York Times responding to a May 11 piece that cites one NYC advertising executive asking, “All you have to do is walk out the door for lunch and notice the number of vacant storefronts… so why not get in there and put a message in there?”: I know why not, because it’s a crime! And I was disappointed that the Times didn’t mention this. Outdoor advertising is regulated by the Department of Buildings for several reasons; so billboards aren’t erected in […]