When You Take Murdoch’s Leftovers, You Get Murdoch’s Sleaze

Real estate developer and media mogul Mort Zuckerman has picked Colin Myler to be the new top editor for his New York tabloid, the Daily News. That’s a surprising choice on at least a couple of accounts. One is that Myler’s last job was at Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World, which was shut down while he was boss due to the scandal over News reporters hacking into people’s voicemail for scoops. True, the phone hacking seems to have happened before Myler got there–but he seems to have been brought in by Murdoch not so much to clean up as […]


NY Post to Mayor: Reclaim New York’s ‘Dignity’

Yesterday the New York Post–Rupert Murdoch’s down-market tabloid, for those who are blessed to live beyond its circulation area–ran this front-page editorial demanding that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg shut down the Occupy Wall Street encampment to reclaim the city’s “dignity”: Uhh…. that message would be coming from the paper that ran this dignified cover, waaay back in August: And don’t forget the Post‘s Iraq War weasels covers: And why not this, while we’re at it? And let’s not forget the paper’s stellar work during the Anthony Weiner scandal: “Weiner Exposed,” ” Hide the Weiner,” “Weiner: I’ll Stick It Out” […]


Oxymoron: Murdoch Media Ethics

Having your ethics challenged by a Rupert Murdoch-owned media outlet is like having your honesty challenged by Bernie Madoff. Take the recent story about CNN hiring former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who resigned from the office in 2008 following revelations that he had patronized prostitutes. When rumors of the CNN hire began circulating weeks ago, Fox pundit Cal Thomas remarked on the Murdoch-owned network (Fox News Watch, 5/29/10), “Clearly, CNN is going after the adultery demographic.” When the story broke, Murdoch’s New York Post (6/24/10) scoffed at the hire with a piece quoting anonymous sources saying it signaled the […]


NY Post Steals From, Refuses to Credit Bloggers

In looking at “all the angst over online appropriation of newspapers’ work,” Nieman Foundation blogger Zachary M. Seward (Nieman Journalism Lab, 9/4/09) thinks that “information actually flows in all directions, right?” As “blog posts inspire newspaper articles, newspapers lift from other newspapers, and radio stations do the rip-and-read,” Seward writes that “when a blogger uncovered a major zoning violation in her Brooklyn neighborhood last month, it was only natural that the New York Post would pick up the story”: But credit the blogger? That would be a violation of policy. The Post prohibits crediting blogs and other competitors for scoops, […]


Bill O’Reilly Needs Facts!

A New York Post feature headlined “A Day in the Life of Bill O’Reilly” offers this insight into life working for the Fox host: “The staff of 15 meets 7:30 every morning. Working for me, you’ve got to be a Navy SEAL. No mistakes. I need facts, or it’ll get rammed down my throat.” Huh. When did this “no mistakes” policy start? Of course, some former employeesof O’Reilly recall a slightly different workplace experience….


‘Freedom’ Means Using the Name They Tell You To

For the New York Post (3/27/09), it’s “Free Dumb Tower.” For the same day’s New York Daily News, it means “No More Freedom.” They’re talking about 1 World Trade Center, which is what the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced it was calling the skyscraper it’s building on the site of the old World Trade Center destroyed on September 11–rather than Freedom Tower, as it had been previously referred to. And the tabloids, naturally, are outraged. “Freedom is out of fashion at Ground Zero,” declared the Post. “Once hailed as a beacon of rebirth in the aftermath […]


When Are the Rich Not Really ‘Rich’?

If you look at the front page of the New York Post today (3/23/09), you see a big headline about New York State’s “Secret Deal to Tax ‘Rich.’” The scare quotes are there to indicate, presumably, that the taxpayers in question–whom the Post refers to as “anyone making more than $500,000 a year”–are not really rich. It’s true that such taxpayers aren’t as wealthy as, say, Rupert Murdoch, the guy who owns the Post, who has an estimated net worth of $8.3 billion. But they’re still doing pretty well, with an income that puts them well into the top half […]


Addressing the Roots of Media Racism

In his online column (2/26/09) for the Maynard Institute, Journal-isms, Richard Prince reports on those who see the New York Post‘s recent cartoon of a chimpanzee shot-dead–so that now “they’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill”–as “an opportunity to examine the factors that led to the cartoon’s appearance in the paper.” Specifically, “the NAACP plans to focus on diversity in newspaper newsrooms,” calling the incident “a reminder that when we get through with Fox and the New York Post, we need to focus on the newsrooms in the country”: In December, an NAACP report pointed […]