Denying the Far-Right Role in the Ukrainian Revolution

Flags of the Ukrainian Nationalist Congress (cc photo: Antanana/Wikimedia)

To maintain a simple good vs. evil framework, the fact that Ukraine’s neo-fascist movement had a significant role in the opposition to Yanukovych–and the government that replaced him–was downplayed or even outright denied.


Smearing Gore Vidal, Then and Now

Gore Vidal for Congress

–A 1977 New York Times review (4/20/77) by Christopher Lehmann-Haupt of a collection of Vidal’s essays: So we are left to speculate over the psychological implications here, and to conclude that Mr. Vidal’s animus toward everything from West Point to the American Establishment–not to speak of academicians, who are, after all, instructors–boils down to an unresolved hostility toward his father, further evidence of which, some would argue, is Mr. Vidal’s cheerfully admitted homosexuality. –A New York Times piece by Sam Tanenhaus (8/2/12): Mr. Vidal, whose disdain for American vulgarity was tinged, some said, with antisemitism and dislike of the “lower […]


Pol ‘Thugs’ Think Twice in Age of Internet Media

Sure that Andrew Sullivan “would be horrified” by the idea that he and Cindy Sheehan agree on anything, Jonathan Schwarz nonetheless quotes (A Tiny Revolution, 4/25/09) the blogger’s declaration of “love” for the Internet, because “can you imagine what those thugs would have gotten away with without it?” Sheehan’s similar 2005 statement–“Thank God for the Internet, or we wouldn’t know anything, and we would already be a fascist state”–spurs Schwarz to celebrate the democratizing power of online media: I’m not sure we’d be a fascist state without the beautiful, beautiful tubes. But the difference they’ve made is gigantic. Recall […]