NPR ‘Worse Than Worthless’ on Middle East

National Public Radio watchdog Mytwords (NPR Check, 3/3/09) is moved to declare the network’s Palestine/Israel coverage “worse than worthless” after “yesterday morning first featured Michele Kelemen redelivering Secretary of State Clinton’s talking points (Hamas is a terrorist organization, blah, blah, blah, Hamas has to renounce violence, blah, blah, blah, U.S. is giving tons of money to Gaza, blah, blah, etc.)”: After that four-minute-plus State Department summary, what does NPR offer? Who would you go to for expert analysis? How about someone who has “has advised six American secretaries of state.” Yep, NPR serves up the stale ideas of Aaron David […]


NPR’s ‘History Scrub’ of U.S. Fault in Afghanistan

“A rather major problem with nearly all of NPR‘s reporting” has been identified by NPR Check blogger Mytwords (2/18/09) and named the “history scrub.” The definition: “If the essential background history to a story reflects poorly on the actions of the U.S. government–that history will be deleted, scrubbed, sanitized–sent down the memory hole.” The key example given is a February 17 All Things Considered in which host Michelle Norris “blandly explains that thousands more U.S. troops are headed off to Afghanistan and doesn’t even chuckle in noting that the United States Institute of Peace [tee-hee] released some new policy recommendations […]