Foreign Governments Suspiciously Oppose Civilian Deaths

In today’s New York Times (4/16/07), Jane Perlez is wondering about Pakistani government officials who complain about U.S. drones attacks in their country. Perlez starts by floating the idea that Pakistan can’t possibly be against the strikes, because the government has asked to have some control over the use of the drones: In fact, both sides have grown accustomed to an unusual diplomatic dance around the drones. For all their public protests, behind the scenes, Pakistani officials may countenance the drones more than Mr. Qureshi’s reprimand would suggest, Pakistan and American analysts and officials say. Why else would Pakistani military […]


WaPo’s Prescription for War Without End

Considering the fact that, “while the Obama administration says that the problems of the region cannot be solved by military means, the basic approach is reliance on heightened military means,” FAIR associate Norman Solomon (Huffington Post, 3/24/09) thinks that “we desperately need a substantive national debate on U.S. military intervention in Afghanistan and Pakistan.” Solomon notes that one attempt at such a debate, an open letter that “lays down a clear line of opposition to the rationales for stepping up the warfare,” garnered signatures from only “14 members of the House (eight Democrats, six Republicans).” But the U.S. Congress looks […]


A New Denial Strategy

From the Washington Post yesterday–emphasis added: The United States and Pakistan reached tacit agreement in September on a don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy that allows unmanned Predator aircraft to attack suspected terrorist targets in rugged western Pakistan, according to senior officials in both countries. In recent months, the U.S. drones have fired missiles at Pakistani soil at an average rate of once every four or five days. The officials described the deal as one in which the U.S. government refuses to publicly acknowledge the attacks while Pakistan’s government continues to complain noisily about the politically sensitive strikes. If this is true, what will […]