CBS Host: Palestinians Force Israel to Kill Kids


CBS host Bob Schieffer shares his theory that Palestinians want their kids to be killed.


Times: U.S. Mideast Policy’s “Uncomfortable Position”

In today’s New York Times, Jennifer Steinhauer notes the remarkable number of Congressmembers– more than 80–who are heading to Israel thanks to a program affiliated with AIPAC, the powerful pro-Israel lobbying force. Steinhauer sizes up the political backdrop– the White House has strained relations with the current Israeli government, and there’s more: the Palestinians are weighing a request to the United Nations Security Council to support a bid for statehood, leaving Washington in the uncomfortable position of blocking such a unilateral move while supporting democracy movements in other Arab nations. U.S. policy at the United Nations has historically been pro-Israel. […]


NPR ‘Worse Than Worthless’ on Middle East

National Public Radio watchdog Mytwords (NPR Check, 3/3/09) is moved to declare the network’s Palestine/Israel coverage “worse than worthless” after “yesterday morning first featured Michele Kelemen redelivering Secretary of State Clinton’s talking points (Hamas is a terrorist organization, blah, blah, blah, Hamas has to renounce violence, blah, blah, blah, U.S. is giving tons of money to Gaza, blah, blah, etc.)”: After that four-minute-plus State Department summary, what does NPR offer? Who would you go to for expert analysis? How about someone who has “has advised six American secretaries of state.” Yep, NPR serves up the stale ideas of Aaron David […]


Israeli Pitfalls, Palestinian Lives

When you routinely report about Israel and Gaza through the eyes of Israelis, the results can be awkward, like today’s New York Times front-pager that frames what was a human catastrophe for many Palestinians–the killing by Israel of some 40 Gazans at a U.N. school–into a mere military and PR “pitfall” for Israelis. As the headline read, “For Israel, Lessons from 2006, but Old Pitfalls.” In the third paragraph of the story, reporter Steven Erlanger mentions the killings along with other earlier “pitfalls”: And then there are the sudden events that can throw off so many careful calculations and come […]