Conservative Exclusion Is a Right-Wing Delusion

National Review senior editor Jay Nordlinger (Corner, 3/24/10), responding to CNN pairing disgraced Democratic Gov. Eliot Spitzer with a not-conservative-enough-for-National-Review Kathleen Parker, muses: I’m reminded why conservatives had to build their own media outlets. It’s sort of like Jews and country clubs. Jews built their own, not because they wanted to, necessarily, but because the other clubs wouldn’t let them in. They weren’t being “clannish.” They wanted to play golf, on first-class courses…. Well, we conservatives built our own media outlets–because the other clubs wouldn’t let us in. I guess it’s working out OK. Blogger Ryan McNeely (Yglesias, 3/24/10) takes […]


Paul Harvey’s Attempted Hoax Was Beginning of Beautiful Friendship

An enterprising Washington Post report by Joe Stephens (1/23/10) uses the Freedom Of Information Act to uncover the close and creepy relationship between folksy far-right broadcaster Paul Harvey and longtime FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. The documents Stephens uncovered show Harvey as just the kind of journalist that Hoover liked: sycophantic (“If the Republic has survived, history will record that it was largely due to your vigilance”) and servile (“For a number of years, you have been kind enough to send me your daily copy,” an assistant FBI director noted to Harvey in 1957). On its side, the Bureau appeared […]


The Rest of Paul Harvey’s Story

On the death of radio’s Paul Harvey, it’s hard for me not to think of his June 23, 2005 broadcast as his most revealing moment. That’s the episode where he delivered this memorable rant (Extra! Update, 8/05): After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Winston Churchill said that the American people–he said, the American people, he said, and this is a direct quote, “We didn’t come this far because we are made of sugar candy.” And that reminder was taken seriously. And we proceeded to develop and deliver the bomb, even though roughly 150,000 men, women and children perished in Hiroshima […]