‘Disruptive, Demanding’ Elizabeth Warren vs. ‘Can-Do’ Pragmatists

Hillary Clinton (cc photo: Brett Weinstein)

Media coverage portrays populist Democrats as presenting a “threat” to pragmatic centrism.


Silly Environmentalists, Getting Upset Over a Little Pipeline

Canadian Tar Sands--Photo Credit: Jiri Rezac/Greenpeace

‘Both sides’ are exaggerating the impact of the Keystone XL pipeline, says a Washington Post reporter. He’s half-right.


Obama: ‘Starkly Liberal’ or Centrist?

Barack Obama (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

A Washington Post story today (1/24/13) leads with this: The success of President Obama’s starkly liberal second-term agenda will rest largely on the shoulders of Senate majority leader Harry M. Reid, who has been a rock-solid political ally and a valued legislative tactician for Obama during his first term. That characterization of Obama’s agenda–shared by many in corporate media (FAIR Media Advisory, 1/23/13)–seems better suited for an op-ed than a news article, especially since reporter Paul Kane has little to back up his argument. The piece is mostly about Obama’s gun proposals, which Kane reports will constitute three things: background […]


The Election Lesson: Hoover Was Right!

The Washington Post reported (11/5/09) that some Democrats are “questioning whether they should emphasize job creation over some of the more ambitious items on the president’s agenda.” A couple paragraphs later, reporters Michael Shear and Paul Kane elaborate: Moderate and conservative Democrats took a clear signal from Tuesday’s voting, warning that the results prove that independent voters are wary of Obama’s far-reaching proposals and mounting spending, as well as the growing federal debt. The implication that “job creation” is somehow at odds with “mounting spending” and “ambitious” or “far-reaching” government proposals is a another example of the neo-Hooverism that corporate […]


Impoverished Papers Can’t Afford Truth

Hearing “the whining retreat of a whipped pup instead of the toothy growl of a watchdog,” the Colorado Independent‘s John Tomasic (5/11/09) quotes Washington Post reporter Paul Kane answering an online question with a new excuse for refusing to “call waterboarding people and slamming them into walls torture”–“because [the Post] fears a lawsuit for libel”: New York, N.Y.: What’s the difference between the “harsh interrogations” I keep reading about in the Post and actual “torture”? If it’s the same thing, then why not just call it “torture”? I don’t get it. Aren’t you guys continuing to catapult Bush-era propaganda when […]


We Want the Washington Post to Be More Than an Official Echo Chamber

Washington Post reporter Paul Kane proffered what blogger Matthew Yglesias aptly called a “full-throated defense of journalism-as-stenography.” Kane had been criticized by Media Matters that he had quoted Sen. Olympia Snowe (R.-Maine) as saying that Barack Obama’s use of the filibuster-avoiding budget reconciliation tool would make it “infinitely more difficult to bridge the partisan divide” without noting that Snowe had backed budget reconciliation when it was used by George W. Bush.Asked in a chat to defend himself against this criticism, Kane responded: I’m sorry, what’s to defend? Someone tell Media Matters to get over themselves and their overblown ego […]