Guantanamo Prisoners as ‘Reengaged’ Terrorists

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If Guantanamo prisoners are being held without charge, and there is no available evidence to charge them with any terrorism-related offenses, why is the Washington Post talking about the possibility that they may “reengage in extremist activity”?


Washington Post, or The Onion?

A real headline today (4/26/10) in the Washington Post: Amid Outrage Over Civilian Deaths in Pakistan, CIA Turns to Smaller Missiles The piece–by Joby Warrick and Peter Finn–has government officials (anonymously, of course) providing new assurances: The technological improvements have resulted in more accurate operations that have provoked relatively little public outrage, the officials said…. The CIA declines to publicly discuss its clandestine operations in Pakistan, and a spokesman would not comment on the kinds of weapons the agency is using. But two counterterrorism officials said in interviews that evolving technology and tactics have kept the number of civilian deaths […]


On ‘Trial Balloons’ and MSM’s ‘Veil of Anonymity’

Salon‘s Greenwald (6/27/09, ad-viewing required) has taken a hard look at Washington Post and ProPublica journalists Peter Finn’s and Dafna Linzer’s report–“relying exclusively on three Obama officials speaking behind a veil of anonymity”–“that the White House is ‘crafting language for an executive order that would reassert presidential authority to incarcerate terrorism suspects indefinitely.’” Finding it “revealing” that “the article quotes two Bush national security officials justifying the need for detention without charges,” Greenwald writes of how “anonymous trial balloon articles like this one are difficult to comment on because it’s obviously designed to announce that a certain policy is being […]