Bill O’Reilly’s Fact-Free War on Planned Parenthood


Bill O’Reilly wants Congress to investigate Planned Parenthood for being an “abortion mill.” In the real world, very little of their work is related to abortion services. But why let facts get in the way?


Bill O’Reilly vs. Reality on Planned Parenthood

It was inevitable that Fox host Bill O’Reilly would weigh in on the Planned Parenthood/Komen Foundation controversy. And perhaps just as inevitable that he’d mangle the facts along the way. Here he is, on Friday night (2/3/12): Last year the Komen Foundation gave Planned Parenthood $680,000. Now, that is the source of controversy because as you know, Planned Parenthood is primarily in business to provide abortions, more than 300,000 each year. Later he added: Planned Parenthood does not give women who visit its clinics the other side of the abortion story because again PP is in business for abortion. Here […]


ABC: That’s What They Call Journalism!

ABC reporter Jonathan Karl clarifies the budget stalemate that nearly shut down the federal government (ABC World News, 4/7/11): KARL: And believe it or not, the issue of abortion could be what causes the government to shut down. GRAPHICS: DEMOCRATS CLAIM KARL: Democrats say Republicans are trying to use the funding bill to force new restrictions on abortion rights. GRAPHICS: REPUBLICANS CLAIM KARL: But Republicans say they are simply trying to restrict public funding of abortion. “Democrats say, Republicans say.” ABC could save money and program a computer to do this. Later Karl said this: Today, House Republicans did pass […]


Pimps and Prostitutes…Again?

In late 2009 and early 2010, right-wing activist James O’Keefe concocted a story that got widespread media coverage. The tall tale went like this: O’Keefe and his associate went to offices affiliated with the community organizing group ACORN in order to solicit advice on running a brothel and evading taxes. The problem was that nothing much like that actually happened. As FAIR summarized (Action Alert, 3/11/10): O’Keefe never dressed as a pimp during his visits to ACORN offices, seems to never actually represent himself as a “pimp,” and the advice he solicits is usually about how to file income taxes […]