Paul Ryan and Jesus Christ

Jesus/Tony Unruh

Flipping open the new issue of Time (9/3/12), a piece by Michael Crowley begins: Paul Ryan may be America’s most famous budget wonk. Oh good grief. Crowley’s point is not just to praise Ryan’s devotion to spreadsheets. No, this piece is about the influences that made Paul Ryan the wonk he is today: But he’s more than a number cruncher. Ryan’s budget math is drawn from the political and economic theories of his many intellectual idols. And you get what you’d expect: Ayn Rand, Jack Kemp, Friedrich Hayek. But it’s the passage about Ryan and Catholicism that is especially bizarre. […]


Rewriting Ratzinger’s Record to Create a Hero of the Abuse Scandal

While FAIR Blog complained earlier (3/30/10) that coverage of the Catholic priest sexual abuse scandal was overlooking Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger’s involvement in the story before he became Pope Benedict XVI, yesterday two prominent op-eds focused on this history. Unfortunately, both op-eds present a highly selective version of Ratzinger’s role. New York Times columnist Ross Douthat (4/12/10) cites the reporting of Jason Berry (National Catholic Reporter, 4/6/10), who is critical of Benedict’s predecessor, Pope John Paul II, for his support of Marcial Maciel Degollado, a child molester who founded the influential Legion of Christ: Only one churchman comes out of Berry’s […]