Lessons From ‘the Abyss of Yesterday’s News’

Realizing that “by now, talk of the Iranian elections will have traversed into the abyss of yesterday’s news,” Warehouse magazine contributing writer Mohsen al Attar (7/10/09) still thinks “the events narrate a highly educational tale about the role of media in present-day society”: Few would question the media machine’s efficiency. Once a major media outlet decides to run with a story–as was done with the Iranian election protests–there is little to arrest its circulation or to challenge the implications the particular telling makes. Of the Iranians and non-Iranians supporting the protests–and they are numerous in Canada alone–an important distinction can […]


NPR’s ‘Sanitized, Propaganda-Laden’ War Reportage

NPR Check blogger Mytwords has some advice (6/14/09) “in these times of austerity and job ‘shedding‘ at NPR“: “Instead of spending all the money it must take to embed a reporter like Tom Bowman with the U.S. military in Afghanistan, why not cut him out of the picture and just hand a microphone to one of the officers or commanders there?”: Heck, if that’s too expensive, why not just get on the Internets and pull some hard-hitting journalism from the military website of whatever unit Tom would have been embedded with? It sure would be a lot cheaper, even though […]


Pentagon Faces Reality Still Denied in MSM

The current Democracy Now! (5/8/09) features New York Times Pentagon Pundits reporter David Barstow giving Amy Goodman the background on the U.S. military’s retraction of a report clearing itself of domestic propaganda wrongdoing: So the report comes out in January, and it effectively exonerated the program. Now, one thing your viewers should know is that as soon as the stories ran, the program itself was suspended by the Pentagon, pending the outcome of this investigation. But what happened earlier this week was really unusual. It really is very rare for the inspector general of the Defense Department to rescind and […]