Time Magazine Stands With Rahm


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is, to say the least, controversial. And now he’s on the cover of Time magazine. He has his detractors, sure, but it’s not hard to figure out where Time comes down: They’re standing with Rahm.


NYT Gives Emanuel’s Side on Chicago Strike

Chicago teachers on strike (Exposing the Truth)

Labor actions like the current strike by the Chicago Teachers Union usually involves two sides presenting very different takes on the important issues that separate them.¬†The New York Times story on the strike (9/10/12) by Monica Davey¬† gives a fairly comprehensive account of what the school district thinks about its offers to the union. But the union’s side of the story is hard to find. The Times calls it “a dispute over wages, job security and teacher evaluations.” That isn’t false, but that framing makes it seem like teachers are looking to protect a narrow set of interests. If you […]


Only Rahm Emanuel Can Save You Now

White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel has always been a controversial figure–famously profane and short-tempered, and politically speaking a center-right Clinton Democrat. As of late, though, there’s been a strange effort–particularly in the Washington Post–to present Emanuel as the confidant whose political advice Barack Obama has too often ignored and who offers a clear path to political rehabilitation. This only makes sense in a Beltway media that views Obama as too far to the left, and in need of Emanuel’s pragmatic centrism to pull him back to the middle. This campaign was kicked off by a February 21 Dana […]


Political Reporters Too Scared of Politics to Cover Politics

The Financial Times‘ Edward Luce (2/3/10) had a report last week that blamed some of the Obama administration’s problems on the president’s overreliance on four top advisers–particularly chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, who “in addition to hurling frequent profanities at people within the administration…has alienated many of Mr Obama’s closest outside supporters.” More illuminating than the article itself may be the Washington press corps’ reaction to it, as described by AlterNet‘s Steve Clemons (2/9/10): Mark Schmitt, executive editor of the liberal magazine the American Prospect, wrote that “Luce has written what seems to me the best and most succinct rundown […]


Corporate Media Non-Ideology

One interesting post-election story has been the treatment of Rahm Emanuel, a center-right Clinton Democrat who will serve as Obama’s chief of staff. While some Republicans claim Emanuel is too “partisan,” some media defenders argue that he’s not, since his politics are not all that liberal. Time magazine’s Karen Tumulty explains: The strongest signal of how that White House will operate has been Obama’s pick of Illinois Congressman Rahm Emanuel to be its chief of staff. Emanuel is a win-at-any-cost partisan but not an ideologue; in his earlier White House stint as a top aide to Clinton, he was a […]