Bill Clinton’s Critics Are…Who, Exactly?


Big efforts are underway to burnish Bill Clinton’s economic legacy. The New York Times does its part by failing to quote critics of Clinton’s record.


NPR’s Critics–and the Critics Who Actually Listen

From a Q&A with NPR ombud Alicia Shepard (CJR, 4/11/11): I also got a call last week from Ralph Nader. He was saying how NPR is really just a corporate toady, and that they don’t have enough progressive voices on, and I hear that quite a bit. I hear that more from people who actually listen to NPR. Funny how that works.


‘These Goddamned Newspapers Should Be Picketed’– Ralph Nader’s Media Criticism

Chris Hedges has a new column about the state of the progressive movement, and in it Ralph Nader goes on a tear about the corporate media that can’t really be summarized–so here’s the whole thing: The banishment from the corporate media, Nader argues, has been one of the major contributors to the demoralization and weakening of the left. Protests by the left, which get little national or local coverage, have steadily dwindled in strength across the country. The first protest gets little or no coverage and this leads to movements, as well as the voices of activists, being diminished and […]