Fox Pundit: Civilians Die–Get Over It!

Sean Hannity with guest Ralph Peters

A Fox News military analyst is not afraid to talk about civilian deaths in Syria: He seems to want to see more of them.


O’Reilly Brings You Stories Big Media Won’t Touch!


Bill O’Reilly wanted to make clear that the Factor brings viewers some perspectives missing from the bland, liberal newscasts. Let’s look at the episode where he made this claim to see what he might be talking about.


Don’t Tell O’Reilly, but His Iran Blockade Idea Already Worked

Crooks & Liars (9/26/12) notes Bill O’Reilly is proposing a naval blockade of Iraq: Says O’Reilly: We’re going to block it, nothing in, nothing out. OK? That’s what we’re going to do. And if you challenge the blockade, we’ll do what we have to do like the Cuban missile crisis, same thing–not gonna do it, not gonna let your nukes in Cuba. Kennedy did that. Not gonna let your nukes in Iran. BANG! That’s what we’re gonna do. So you’ve either got to stop now and not force us to do it, because if you force us to do it, […]


Press Freedom ‘Lip Service’ vs. ‘de Facto U.S. Policy’

Reporting that “the Obama administration has recently paid a lot of lip service to freedom of the press, particularly around the case of Iranian-American journalist Roxanna Saberi, who was released May 11 from an Iranian prison,” Jeremy Scahill asks (Rebel Reports, 5/26/09) the simple question, “If Iran Freed Roxanna Saberi, Why Won’t the U.S. Release Journalist Ibrahim Jassam?” Part of the answer might lie in a media environment heeding former Col. Ralph Peters’ recent “essay for a leading neocon group calling for future U.S. military attacks on media outlets and journalists” along with “censorship” and “news blackouts.” Of course, Scahill […]