The Right’s Echo Chamber Reverberates on ‘Reliable Sources’

Reliable Sources host Howard Kurtz (5/3/09) seemed startled when the New Yorker‘s Ryan Lizza argued that “just because Bush or some previous president didn’t garner as much coverage as Michelle and Barack Obama did doesn’t tell you anything about press bias one way or another.” “Are you kidding?” Kurtz exclaimed. He didn’t express any similar surprise when CNN in-house conservative Amy Holmes came up with this “little-known fact”: The Washington Times reported this last week…. Actually, at this point in his presidency, Barack Obama is the fourth least popular of the past five presidents. You wouldn’t know that from the […]


More Jokes From Howard Kurtz

Quoting Washington Post/CNN media “critic” Howard Kurtz slamming Headline News for “talking about this constantly on cable for more than a week” and “feasting on this terrible situation,” Brad Jacobson (Media Bloodhound, 3/30/09) also cites Kurtz railing against media obsession with octuplet mother Nadya Suleman on CNN: “The media were demonizing her….all the while capitalizing on America’s latest soap opera.” But, lo and behold, a “Crossfire-like vapid shouting match” couldn’t be resisted: Kurtz dedicated an entire segment of this past Sunday’s Reliable Sources to a gratuitous pie fight between two players involved in Nadya “Octomom” Suleman’s never-ending nationally televised freak […]