NPR: And Now, for Balance, Bigots and Big Coal

Marriage equality opponent with sign: "Homosexuals Are Possessed by Demons" (cc photo: Tricky Toro)

When the law finally starts to catch up with the promise of equality for all, does one stop to wonder if anti-equality bigots feel left out? That’s the question that NPR’s All Things Considered tried to answer.


Another Word From Our Sponsor: The Return of Renee McMontagne

Renee “McMontagne” brought NPR listeners another McDonald’s PR story yesterday morning. On April 5, Montange and her Morning Edition co-host Steve Inskeep uncritically previewed McDonald’s big PR campaign revolving around a one-day hiring blitz to “recast its jobs not as dead-end work, but in ads starring its happy employees as desirable employment” (FAIR Blog, 4/6/11). I noted that McDonald’s heiress Joan Kroc gave NPR a 9-figure bequest a few years ago. Well, Montagne returned to the story yesterday with an on-the-ground report from the scene of a McDonald’s hiring event in Philadelphia, where an NPR correspondent interviewed three of those […]


NPR: And Now, a Word From Our Sponsor

NPR Morning Edition (4/5/11) keeps its audience informed about important business news (that just so happens to be about an image-burnishing campaign by the company whose heiress gave them a 9-figure bequest a few years ago): RENEE MONTAGNE: And our last word in business today comes from another Illinois-based employer. The word is McJobs. That word has meant low-paid work at a particular fast food chain. But McDonald’s is trying to, quote, “turn the word on its ear,” as one marketing executive put it to Ad Age magazine. Yesterday, McDonald’s launched a McJobs campaign, with the goal of recruiting 50,000 […]