Wrong-on-Iraq Pundit Gives Lessons in Media Accountability


There are reporters at outlets like the Washington Post who raised real questions about Rolling Stone’s story about rape at the University of Virginia. And then are also those like National Review editor Rich Lowry,


Meet the White Guys: NBC Panel Tackles Affirmative Action


An NBC roundtable on affirmative action–dominated by conservative white men.


FAIR TV: NYT Venezuela Correction, Rich Lowry’s War Lies, Iran’s Unreal Ship


On the show: The New York Times runs an op-ed from a leader of the Venezuelan opposition–but it’s the correction that is most revealing. And right-wing pundit Rich Lowry can’t stand Vladmir Putin’s invasion based on “lies.” But he had a different view of that when he was the one lying about Iraq. Plus the New York Times and USA Today run with alarmist stories about a fake Iranian ship.  Watch: 


Pundits Never Have to Say They’re Sorry–but They Can Demand Others Apologize for Being Right


National Review editor Rich Lowry slams Putin’s invasion based on “lies and force of arms.” You see, he’s against that kind of thing–except when it was the invasion of Iraq.


National Review Just Can’t Seem to Shake Its Racist Image

National Review editor Rich Lowry (cc photo: Gage Skidmore)

From its 1950s founding, when it campaigned for the racist order in the American South and South Africa, to recent years with “scientific racists” who say black people are less intelligent than other groups, the National Review has always been significantly defined by racism.


A Racist at National Review? Do Tell

Conservative Forbes columnist Josh Barro is happy that John Derbyshire was fired for writing a racist column: I’m pleased to see that National Review has fired John Derbyshire as a result of his racist screed in Taki’s Magazine last week. Derbyshire’s remarks were beyond the pale, and this severing of ties is important for the credibility of one of the pillar institutions in conservative publishing. Barro, a contributor to National Review (NR) and National Review Online (NRO), was one of the first conservatives to call for Derbyshire’s ouster, arguing that keeping company with a racist like Derbyshire presented a “problem […]


How Breitbart Got Away With His Lies

Andrew Breitbart (cc photo: Gage Skidmore)

Kudos to Paul Farhi of the Washington Post (3/2/12) for talking about the obvious deceptions and inaccuracies in right-wing publisher Andrew Breitbart’s work: News organizations found, for example, that the ACORN videos–which purported to show a young Mr. Breitbart ally named James O’Keefe posing as a pimp seeking advice from the organization about how to establish a brothel and evade taxes–actually presented a heavily edited account of what had happened. An investigation by the California attorney general’s office concluded that O’Keefe had added footage of himself and an ally dressed in flamboyant costumes that they had not worn to ACORN’s […]


A Part of the National Psyche

Victor Davis Hanson notes that one reason for American exceptionalism may be that we did not inherit from England “a large underclass of only quasi-free people attached to barons as serfs.” Sadly, a worse institution took root here, but never became part of the national psyche. —Rich Lowry & Ramesh Ponnuru (National Review Online, 3/8/10, via Crooked Timber, 3/9/10) So, David Paterson will become the massa who gets to appoint whoever gets to take [Rep. Eric] Massa’s place. So, for the first time in his life, Paterson’s gonna be a massa. Interesting, interesting. —Rush Limbaugh (Rush Limbaugh Show, 3/9/10, via […]