Juan Williams: NPR Worse than Nixon

There are plenty of opinions flying around about NPR‘s decision to fireJuan Williams. The Washington Post editorialized against NPR‘s decision, arguing in part that Williams “undoubtedly spoke for many Americans who are wrestling with similar feelings” about seeing Muslims in airports. (Williams was worried primarily about those in “Muslim garb.”) Former Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz, now at the Daily Beast website, called it a “blunder of enormous proportions.” What I found most puzzling, though, was this passage from Williams’ commentary that appeared on FoxNews.com: Daniel Schorr, my fellow NPR commentator who died earlier this year, used to talk […]


Billy Graham Gets Cleaned Up by CBS

Blogger Jonathan Schwarz (A Tiny Revolution, 6/24/09) has noted that when “CBS ran a story about the latest batch of Nixon tapes made public… they included a section of a February 21, 1973 conversation with Billy Graham that showed Nixon at his psycho best,” addressing anti-Semitism thus: “This has happened to the Jews, happened in Spain, it happened in Germany, it’s happening, and now it’s gonna happen in America if these people don’t start behaving. It may be they have a death wish.” But the real problem comes in CBS‘s quote of the Graham response: “Well, they’ve always been through […]


Chris Wallace and Why Watergate Worked

At a screening of the film Frost/Nixon, Fox News Channel‘s Chris Wallace defends George W. Bush against the assertion–which doesn’t seem to have been made by anyone present–that Bush’s crimes were worse than Richard Nixon’s (Salon, 12/2/08): It trivializes Nixon’s crimes and completely misrepresents what George W. Bush did. Whatever George W. Bush did was after the savage attack of 9/11, in which 3,000 Americans were killed, it was done in service of trying to protect this country. I’m not saying that you have to agree with everything he did, but it was all done in the service of trying […]