Nelson Mandela and Nonviolent Resistance

Statue of Nelson Mandela, London (cc photo: George Rex)

Fareed Zakaria said of Nelson Mandela, “He was greatly inspired by Gandhi, by the nonviolent struggle.” If you’re familiar with Mandela’s life story, you know this is misleading.


From Time to State PR: A Big Jump?

The latest media-politics revolving door news is that Time managing editor Richard Stengel is leaving the magazine and heading over to the State Department to be the new undersecretary of State for public diplomacy and public affairs. That’s PR–or maybe propaganda, if you prefer that term.


Time on Netanyahu: Frozen Puffery

I finally managed to get all the way through Richard Stengel’s fawning cover story about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. At a moment when incumbents around the world are being shunted aside, he is triumphant. With his bullet-proof majority, he has a chance to turn himself into the historic figure he has always yearned to be. And it traces what it says is Netanyahu’s appeal to U.S. audiences: He appeared regularly on Nightline and became the Israeli-American It boy–confident, handsome, fearsomely articulate in virtually accentless English. Every suburban Jewish mother had a crush on him. “Bibi was the streetwise local […]