Hillary Clinton’s Iran Weapons Lie Is ‘Tough Talk’

Covering Hillary Clinton’s trip to India, USA Today‘s Richard Wolf writes (5/8/12): Fielding rapid-fire questions at a town-hall-style event in Kolkata, she denounced Iran’s nuclear arms program and urged India to reduce its Iranian oil imports further. “We appreciate what has been done, and of course we want to keep the pressure on Iran,” she said. When I read that I thought, “Here we go again, another outlet misstating the basic facts about the Iran debate.” Then I checked the transcript of the Clinton’s town hall, and that is indeed what she said, in response to a question about U.S. […]


USAT: Anti-war movement applauds Obama speech?

An analysis in USA Today (6/23/11) by Richard Wolf claims: President Obama’s decision to remove 10,000 troops from Afghanistan this year and a total of 33,000 by next September was deemed a step in the right direction Wednesday by a growing, and bipartisan, anti-war movement. Really? I’m not aware of many people in the “anti-war movement” who have expressed that sentiment. And neither is USA Today, judging by the quotes that are included in the article. The piece notes that “Many Democrats called for a faster drawdown” and “Many liberal Democrats demanded more troops home sooner”– naming Sen. Carl Levin, […]


USA Today’s ‘Nonpartisan Experts’ Agree: Obama Not Tough Enough on Elderly, Poor

The subhead sums up the point of USA Today‘s lead story today (2/14/11) about Barack Obama’s budget proposal: Obama Proposes Cuts to Trim Deficit; GOP, Others Want More The piece by Richard Wolf and Mimi Hall begins, “President Obama will send Congress a 2012 budget today that would trim the budget deficit by $1.1 trillion over the next decade, but Republicans and nonpartisan budget experts are already saying that’s not enough.” And that’s how the story is framed: You’ve got the White House vs. the Republicans, and “nonpartisan budget experts” who agree with the Republicans. “We’re going to make tough […]