Romney’s the Right Kind of Flipflopper

As we’ve written before, some political flipflops are better than others. The ones that Mitt Romney commits, or might commit in the future, are often seen as being the good kind. That argument was advanced once more this Sunday (4/29/12) on the Chris Matthews Show, by Time editor Rick Stengel and the host himself, who were engaged in a familiar Beltway media discussion where journalists pretend to be campaign strategists. In this case, the question was whether the Obama campaign should push the idea that Romney is a flipflopper, or the idea that he’s very conservative. STENGEL: The thing that […]


Time Magazine: We Cannot Leave Afghanistan


In case you thought the WikiLeaks story might change everything: The forthcoming¬†Time magazine (out tomorrow) has a cover photo of a disfigured Afghan woman with the headline “What Happens If We Leave Afghanistan.” The implication would seem to be that the Taliban will commit similar atrocities without the presence of U.S. forces. You can see the cover (and a portion of the story) here. Something tells me that no one at a the magazine’s editorial meeting suggested a “What Happens If We Stay in Afghanistan” cover headline, which would have been accompanied by a photo of the corpse of an […]