ABC’s Bogus Big Government Debate

On Sunday (12/18/11), ABC‘s This Week presented an installment of what it’s calling “The Great American Debates.” What it really was, though, was a perfect example of how corporate media adopt right-wing assumptions when framing a discussion. In this case, it was a debate over Big Government. The show’s opening sounded like a Tea Party rally: CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: This week, a special program on the defining issue of 2012. Has Uncle Sam become too big, too powerful? A bailout bonanza, a welfare state? A tax-and-spend Goliath crushing the entrepreneurial spirit when America can’t afford to fall behind? That’s the rallying […]


Conservative Pundit Thinks Listeners Deserve Someone More Conservative

Conservative writer/commentator David Frum–the man responsible for writing the Bush “axis of evil” speech–has been doing left/right debates for the public radio show Marketplace. Until now, that is. This week (Marketplace, 10/12/11), Frum came to the conclusion that while he’s still conservative, he doesn’t do a good job representing the right-wing position in that kind of discussion anymore: Well, we’ve been doing a point/counterpoint here between me and Bob Reich for a couple of years. And it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve certainly learned a lot from it. But I think that there’s a kind of expectation that when […]


Chris Christie’s Not Telling the Truth–Ugly or Otherwise

New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie is the object of intense devotion among some on the right (Glenn Beck in particular). No surprise, then, that he’d get a lot of attention for going to Washington and delivering a stern lecture about how to fix the deficit. And no surprise that he’d talk about Social Security. It has nothing to do with the deficit, but that’s another matter. Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank was on hand to cheer on Christie’s message (2/16/11). Christie pokes fun at his weight, which apparently makes his truth-telling even more appealing: But his physique also works […]


NYT: Clintonian Centrism a ‘Strategic Masterstroke’

A New York Times profile (1/8/11) of author/economist Robert Reich was headlined “Obama the Centrist Irks a Liberal Lion.” It’s hard not to see where reporter Michael Powell comes down in the debate over Democrats moving to the right: Mr. Reich sees a parallel with his former boss, Mr. Clinton, and draws no comfort from the comparison. Confronted with a muscular Republican majority in the House in 1994, Mr. Clinton mastered triangulation, which is to say he sailed into a sea neither Republican nor Democratic. It was a strategic masterstroke, but he threw overboard some liberal founding stones. It’s hard […]


‘Rumor, Gossip. . . Drivel’ as ‘Inside Information’

Guernica magazine has a new piece by American Prospect co-founder Robert Reich (8/28/09) describing the important cog that corporate journalism represents in the functioning machinery of Washington, D.C.’s “echo chamber in which anyone who sounds authoritative repeats the conventional authoritative wisdom about the ‘consensus’ of inside opinion,” which they’ve heard from someone else who sounds equally authoritative, who of course has heard it from another authoritative source. Follow the trail to its start and you often find an obscure congressional or White House staffer who has seen some half-assed poll number or briefing memo, but seeking to feel important hypes […]