Newsweek: Stop Blaming Robert Rubin

Newsweek‘s Jacob Weisberg is tired of people picking on Robert Rubin. Sure, his critics to point to his involvement in the financial deregulation of the 1990s and his disastrous tenure at Citibank, but they’re wrong. At least that’s what Weisberg tries to argue in his column “In Defense of Robert Rubin” (5/10/10). Weisberg admits early on that he “helped Rubin write a memoir,” but not to worry–this column is all Weisberg. And he writes: “To me, the most wrong-headed accusation is that Rubin prevented effective regulation during the Clinton years.” This is a false charge because Rubin’s view has always […]


Rare Media Criticism for Obama’s Cabinet

The corporate media has more or less been on the same page in applauding Obama’s cabinet picks so far–“He’s been pragmatic in choosing pragmatists,” as the Washington Post editorial page cheered on November 28. There’s been occasional criticism of Obama’s choices as being too progressive, as when the L.A. Times (12/5/08) attacked the idea of Rep. Xavier Bercerra as U.S. trade representative, declaring that Obama “should break his promises and appoint a free-trader as trade representative.” So it was refreshing to see Michael Hirsh’s piece in Newsweek wondering why left-leaning Columbia economist Joseph Stiglitz hasn’t been in the mix: But […]


Two Views on Larry Summers

The relentless speculation over who should be in Obama’s cabinet continued in the Los Angeles Times, where readers were clued in to the debate over naming Larry Summers Treasury Secretary: Obama faces conflicting advice from his close advisers, from Capitol Hill and from important Democratic constituencies. Some argue that, with the economy gripped by a deepening crisis, he needs the country’s best and brightest to help him deal with it, chief among them Summers. Others warn that Summers’ sharp elbows and his penchant for controversy could make him a damaging distraction at a time when the nation and the new […]