Times Are Good–for Investment Bankers, Anyway

Coal Exports and Imports

If you’re part of the majority that’s still hurting after six years of “recovery,” thinking that the US is on the wrong track isn’t pessimism–it’s realism.


NPR Could Use Some ‘Energy Independence’ of Its Own

NPR's Tom Gjelten

NPR‘s Tom Gjelten had a story on Morning Edition today (10/25/12) that made an important point about a prominent fallacy in the energy debate–and then spent the second half of the story falling into the exact same fallacy. The story questioned the constant use of the phrase “energy independence” in political discussions of U.S. energy policy. Gjelten noted: In truth, it would be virtually impossible for any country to be totally independent where energy is concerned. Not only would it have to produce all its own oil; it would also have to be independent of the global economy. Like sugar, […]