NYT Columnist: You Can’t Trust Shiites


New York Times columnist Roger Cohen offered some reasons to be skeptical of what we’re hearing from Iranian president Hassan Rouhani. He is, after all, Muslim.


Lots of Blame – No Accountability

A New York Times op-ed by Roger Cohen saying that, because post-September 11 “journalists did not meet the challenge of holding the executive branch accountable,” he is “wary of the clamor for retribution. Congress failed. The press failed. The judiciary failed,” has moved blogger Athenae (4/24/09) to declare that “I really think I hate this about our pundit class more than anything”: Well hey, so long as everybody screwed up, it’s all fine! So long as there wasn’t a single voice raised in opposition to what was done, so long as we didn’t shout down anybody who had a […]


Seeing Cracks in Big Media’s Pro-Israel Opinion Wall

Asserting that “one positive aspect of the wreckage left by the Bush presidency is that many of the most sacred Beltway pieties stand exposed as intolerable failures, prominently including our self-destructively blind enabling of virtually all Israeli actions,”‘s Glenn Greenwald (3/9/09, ad-viewing required) cites “the last three New York Times columns by Roger Cohen” as evidence of “a substantial–and very positive–change in the rules for discussing American policy towards Israel”: Two weeks ago, Cohen–writing from Iran–mocked the war-seeking cartoon caricature of Iran as The New Nazi Germany craving a Second Holocaust. To do so, Cohen reported on the relatively […]