The Foreigners Obama Needs to Love to Prove He Loves America

Slowpoke: "Obama Doesn't Love America Like I Do!" (Jen Sorensen)

“There are plenty of reasons that suggest Obama might not love America,” writes the Washington Post’s Ed Rogers. Funnily enough, most of these reasons seem to have little to with America,


For Fox News, ‘Bad Guy’ Michael Brown Makes Obama a ‘Three-Time Loser’


How Fox News covered the Ferguson grand jury announcement.


June 2007 Flashback: The Clinton/Giuliani Election

I noticed a few stories in today’s USA Today (6/13/11) about supposed Republican front-runner Mitt Romney. There will be plenty more of this to come–horserace commentary based on polling that’s being done in order to give journalists a reason to talk about one candidate more than another, which candidate has “momentum” and so on. It’s worth remembering that the polling at this stage of the race is useless. Actually, it’s probably worse than that, since the political press corps obsesses over this trivia at the expense of doing any actually useful reporting about the candidates. I wanted to find a […]


Sean Hannity and Scandalous Double Standards

Last night (6/6/11), Fox News host Sean Hannity was talking with WorldNetDaily‘s Joe Farah: FARAH: Charles Rangel is still in the House. Barney Frank is still in the House. Bill Clinton is getting awards. Gerry Studds got a standing ovation from House Democrats. This is a guy who had sex with a congressional page, correct? HANNITY: But what about–you know, you think back when Republican scandals come up, they all bail out. I can’t think of one that ever stayed, can you? He’s got a point. Except for Republican Sen. David Vitter (prostitution scandal, still in office). And Republican Sen. […]


Sunday Morning Torture

It’s bad enough that corporate media are having such an ill-informed debate about whether torturing some prisoners helped find Osama bin Laden. But considering whom the media invite to this debate, it’s probably not a surprise. Take yesterday’s Sunday shows (please!). On NBC‘s Meet the Press, Obama national security adviser Thomas Donilon basically refused to take a definitive position on torture, waterboarding and intelligence. “No single piece of intelligence led to this,” was his line. They followed up with a segment with former CIA head Michael Hayden and Rudy Giuliani, both of whom basically endorsed the idea that torture worked. […]