Can We Recall Bad Reporting on Wisconsin Budget Deficit?

One would hope that by now that the press would debunk the fuzzy budget math Gov. Scott Walker (R.-Wisc.) was using to justify his attack on collective bargaining rights of public sector workers. Nope. The New York Times (6/6/12): The political war in Wisconsin began in February 2011 when Governor Walker, only weeks into his first term, announced that he needed to cut benefits and collective bargaining rights for most public workers as a way to solve an expected state budget deficit of $3.6 billion. Fox‘s Bill O’Reilly (6/5/12): On the spending front, when Walker took office there was a […]


Who’s the Source of O’Reilly’s ‘Nonpartisan’ Pro-Walker Poll?

On his Fox News show Friday, self-described “union guy” Bill O’Reilly was touting the results of a newpoll finding that Wisconsinites are backing Gov. Scott Walker: According to a new poll by WisconsinReporter.com, a nonpartisan group, 71 percent of Wisconsinites believe that Gov. Scott Walker’s union cutbacks are fair.71 percent. And 69 percent of Wisconsin residents believe state workers have better benefits than private sector employees. That finding would seem to at odds with other polls of Wisconsin residents.But who is this “nonpartisan” group, anyway?If you go to the WisconsinReporter.com website, the “About”page is blank. TPMuckracker fills in the details: […]