A ‘Child’ Is Missing–From a New York Times Headline

Boy in Jabalya refugee camp, Gaza. (cc photo: Giles)

Did New York Times editors leave out of a headline the fact that it was a child who had been shot because they didn’t want readers to get too upset about Israel doing the shooting?


NYT Rewrites Accurate Occupation Headline


Non-violent protesters came up with a novel way to protest Israeli plans to build more settlement colonies in the occupied West Bank: They occupied the land themselves. The New York Times reported the news on Saturday. But the most remarkable thing is what they did with the headline.


When Candidates Lie, REAL Journalists Say They ‘Finessed the Facts’

Rachel Maddow/photo by JD Lasica

On the subject of why politicians aren’t worried about corporate media factcheckers, a New York Times article from last week (8/31/12) by Alessandra Stanley is worth a second look. Under the headline, “How MSNBC Became Fox‘s Liberal Evil Twin,” Stanley wrote: “You can agree with everything that Rachel Maddow or Ed Schultz say on MSNBC and still oppose their right to say it.” Stanley’s problem was that “all that attitude” on MSNBC “leaves fewer choices for viewers who like their election coverage with informed commentary without a twist of bias”: All that arch sarcasm and partisan brio may rev up […]