Al Gore, Still a Smartypants

In this week’s cover story, Newsweek‘s Sharon Begley seems to think Al Gore’s new book is good–but he’s still too wonky: To anyone with bad memories of how Gore’s fact-filled debate performances against George W. Bush in 2000 failed to connect with voters, it may come as no surprise that Our Choice has a graphic on “how a wind turbine works,” and a long section that begins: “Conventional hydrothermal plants are built according to one of three different designs. The steam can be taken directly through the turbine and then recondensed….” A wind turbine GRAPHIC! In a book about green […]


Most Famous Pundits = Most Wrong

“Pointing out how often pundits’ predictions are not only wrong but egregiously wrong” is, in Newsweek science columnist Sharon Begley’s view (2/14/09), “like shooting fish in a barrel, except in this case the fish refuse to die. No matter how often they miss the mark, pundits just won’t shut up.” Citing “the fact that being chronically, 180-degrees wrong does not disqualify pundits is in large part the media’s fault: Cable news, talk radio and the blogosphere need all the punditry they can rustle up, track records be damned,” Begley looks at Stanford psychologist Philip Tetlock‘s methodical attempt to “identify those […]