The ‘Progressive’ Multicultural Anti-Semitism of KPFK

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report (Fall/09) is calling attention to Pacifica Radio network member station KPFK for airing the Spanish-English show La Causa‘s “naked anti-Semitism.” According to the SPLC, the weekly program’s hosts, Augustin Cebada and Rafael Tlaloc, “are more than just passive enablers of anti-Semitic rhetoric: They actively promote conspiracy theories about Jewish control of media and world governments, referring to Ponzi scheme crook Bernie Madoff as “that Jewish scam artist.” Tlaloc said he felt no sympathy for Madoff’s victims, many of whom were Jewish, because they were “shylocks and shysters.”… La Causa is tightly linked to […]


The Wheels Come Off Dobbs’ Hate Vehicle

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mark Potok has the latest (HateWatch, 3/19/09) on CNN‘s “Lou Dobbs, the insult-spewing Latino-basher”: Dobbs, of course, is known for regularly pushing defamatory falsehoods about undocumented immigrants–they fill one third of American prison and jail cells, they’re part of a secret Mexican plan to “reconquer” the American Southwest, they are largely responsible for a spate of 7,000 recent leprosy cases…. Even when Dobbs isn’t hosting his own show, his fill-in hosts spew such racist propaganda as the lie about subprime housing loans going to 5 million “illegal aliens.” But Dobbs may have outdone himself on […]