The Cure for French Malaise: Cut Worker Pay


With an unemployment rate at just over 26 percent and regular street protests against government austerity policies, it’s hard to imagine anyone holding up Spain as a model. But Howard Schneider, writing in the Washington Post, does just that–warning France that it had better shape up and be more like Spain:


Media Unconcerned with Real Torturers Still at Gitmo

Amy Goodman recently interviewed independent journalist Jeremy Scahill on her Democracy Now! show (5/19/09) regarding the fact that, in Scahill’s words, “while much of the focus has been on the tactical use of torture at Guantanamo, almost no attention had been paid to a parallel force” known as the Immediate Reaction Force. Describing the methods of this “thug squad that is used to mercilessly punish prisoners”–“They go in, and they hogtie the prisoner… douse them with chemical agents…. They’ve squeezed their testicles…. They’ve taken the feces from one prisoner and smeared it in the face of another prisoner”–Scahill tells us […]