Fox Sports Acknowledges That Lying to Viewers Is ‘Misleading’

Fox Sports, covering a football game between the Chicago Bears and Atlanta Falcons (9/11/11), put up a bunch of headlines about Bears quarterback Jay Cutler’s knee problems: Cutler Leaves With Injury Cutler Lacks Courage Cutler’s No Leader “These are the actual headlines from the local papers in Chicago,” announcer Daryl Johnston declared. Wow, were the local papers really that harsh? Reporters from the Chicago Tribune remembered the press being pretty supportive of the injured player, actually, and accordingly suspected funny business. After their search of papers all over Illinois turned up no such headlines, Fox Sports admitted they had just […]


Intersex Athlete Boggles ‘Ill-Informed. . .Predatory Press’

Thomas Rogers of Salon‘s Broadsheet (9/10/09, ad-viewing required) reports that world champion South African runner Caster Semenya recently “was tested (possibly without her consent) by the International Association of Athletics Federations” and “now the results of her gender testing have leaked, and, if the reports are to be believed, they show that she is, in fact, biologically intersex.” After an informative look at the real biological meaning of the test findings that “led some media outlets to call her a ‘hermaphrodite‘ (and some even more inaccurately calling her ‘a woman — and a man‘),” Rogers writes that, to him, Caster’s […]


TV Sports’ ‘Little, Teeny-Tiny, Super Cute White Hope’

Intern Katy Kelleher at the blog (9/9/09) has made a worthy attempt at “unpacking all the different levels of sexism and racism that are operating subtly behind the scenes” in recent coverage of professional women’s tennis. On the new stardom of relatively diminutive and white Melanie Oudin, Kelleher remarks that “her accomplishments are definitely praiseworthy, but there is something off about the way she is being celebrated”: She has been called the “darling” of the U.S. Open, America’s “sweetheart,” a “pint-sized, freckled-faced blonde from Georgia,” the “tiny little savior of women’s tennis,” everything it seems, save tennis’ “Great White […]


Sports Media Sexism ‘Infuriating’ and Just Plain ‘Tired’

Sports media critic Dave Zirin has posted on his Edge of Sports blog (7/6/09) about Wimbledon tennis tournament host All England Club having “blithely admitted that for women players ‘physical attractiveness is taken into consideration’ when it comes to court assignments” and how “several players, including some of these ‘easy-on-the-eye unknowns,‘ were upset with the setup”: But much of the media dismissed the story as unimportant. L.Z. Granderson, a normally sane voice in the ESPN archipelago, wrote a column in which he stated simply, “I don’t see the harm.” After conceding the obvious–that the policy is sexist–Granderson played devil’s advocate: […]


Sports Mag’s 3 Strikes: Racist, Sexist, Homophobic

Journal-isms writer Richard Prince is highlighting (3/19/09) an article in the current issue of GQ headlined “You Think Your Job Sucks? Try Working for Lenny Dykstra”–the title of which might be an understatement, considering some of its reporting therein: A photo editor’s unflattering portrait of baseball-player-turned-financial adviser Lenny Dykstra as a racist, sexist and homophobe has prompted an African-American NBA official to call for a boycott of Dykstra and the magazine he produces. In the upcoming April issue of GQ, already online, Kevin Coughlin recounts his experience working for Dykstra’s glossy magazine, the Players Club, which offers athletes financial advice […]