Poverty on the Front Page…Along With Other News


USA Today’s cover story today is a moving piece by Marisol Bello headlined, “For the Poor, ‘Recovery’ Is a Mirage.” And then, right beneath this story, another bit of front-page news: a glimpse of an entirely different world.


It’s All Greek to Them

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou’s call for a referendum on the EU bailout package seems to have prompted media outlets to rummage through their store of Greek cliches. The Washington Post’s editorial against “Mr. Papandreou’s ill-advised announcement of a referendum” led with a classical reference: Not since the night when soldiers emerged from the belly of a giant wooden horse in ancient Troy has Greece engineered a more stunning surprise. On the CBS Evening News (11/1/11), Mark Phillips weighed in with a culinary metaphor: This was supposed to be the week that world leaders gathered in France to chart the […]


Brought to You by Starbucks…

MSNBC‘s Morning Joe program seems to have turned its conspicuous consumption of Starbucks drinks into a paid commercial for the coffee chain, according to this morning’s New York Times (6/1/09). As Brian Stelter put it, Joe Scarborough “sips Frappuccinos on camera so often that some viewers have wondered whether it is a form of product placement, paid for by the coffee company. Starting Monday, it will be.” The deal is worth over $10 million, and will include “Starbucks graphics and mentions during each hour of the 6 to 9 a.m. program.” The show might even broadcast from Starbucks locations from […]