What Did 60 Minutes Get Wrong About Disability?

FireShot Screen Capture #625 - 'Disability, USA - 60 Minutes - CBS News' - www_cbsnews_com_video_watch__id=50156574n

CBS should have tried to settle whether there’s any actual evidence that widespread cheating of the disability program is going on. CBS was either uninterested in that, or decided that its stacked panel of talking heads provided the answer they wanted to hear.


60 Minutes Plays Softball With Obama and Clinton


At the top of his 60 Minutes interview with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Steve Kroft declares, “The White House offered us 30 minutes, barely enough time to scratch the surface of their complicated personal and professional relationship, let alone discuss their policies.” Apparently what that meant was, “So I didn’t bother to ask them about that policy stuff.”


Julian Assange, Conspiracy Theorist

The long 60 Minutes segment on WikiLeaks and Julian Assange from last night (1/30/11) is definitely worth a look. But this set-up from correspondent Steve Kroft was certainly odd: Julian Assange is not your average journalist or publisher, and some have argued that he is not really a journalist at all. He is an anti-establishment ideologue with conspiratorial views. He believes large government institutions use secrecy to suppress the truth and he distrusts the mainstream media for playing along. Assange believes the government keeps important secrets? And that mainstream media play along? That is kooky.