When Nonsense Is Your Reality, Reality Naturally Seems to Have a Slant

Dana Milbank (photo by Matthew Bradley)

Washington Post ombud Patrick Pexton (9/30/12) presents conservative opinion as a prima facie case for a left-wing slant in corporate news media: “Republicans think the news media are being too easy on Barack Obama…. Everyone sees more bias, and Republicans see it more than other groups.” Offering this as evidence of a left media bias is, of course, highly dubious. Sixty-seven percent of Republicans say that humans aren’t warming the planet. Sixty-three percent still maintain that Iraq was hiding weapons of mass destruction.  Fifty-eight percent of Republicans “believe that God created humans in their present form within the last 10,000 […]


WPost ‘Reality’: Another Depression Would Do Us Good

The Washington Post‘s Steven Pearlstein (11/11/10), one of the few Americans (by his own account) who DOESN’T need to have his wages cut, writes: Reducing the federal deficit won’t by itself do much to balance the U.S. trade account by increasing exports, but to the degree it involves increases in taxes or decreases in employment and income of government workers, demand for foreign imports will also decline. Such are the harsh realities of bringing an economy back into balance. The U.S. had a trade deficit of $380 billion last year. To eliminate thisby lowering overall demand in the U.S., you’d […]


WPost Columnist: Pay Cuts for Everyone (Except Me)

Washington Post columnist Steven Pearlstein wrote a piece yesterday (10/13/10) headlined “Wage Cuts Hurt, but They May Be the Only Way to Get Americans Back to Work.” The point–in case you didn’t catch the drift ofthe headline–is that workers are going to need to take pay cuts in order to get the U.S. economy back on track. U.S. workers simply make too much in comparison to international competitors. Pearlstein cheers the move by some U.S. autoworkers to take a pay cut–the kind of “structural adjustments that are necessary if the U.S. economy is to find a new equilibrium.” But taking […]