Newsweek’s Funny Numbers on Green Jobs

An article in the new issue ofNewsweek (10/24/11)–“Obama’s Big Green Mess: How the White House lost its Eco-Mojo”–presents White House policy as a series of failures. It starts off with federal inspectors finding serious problems with various weatherization projects. That’s just the tip of the iceberg–from Solyndra to stimulus, things aren’t looking good. But writers Daniel Stone and Eleanor Clift seems to want to give White House critics an assist with things like this: Overall, as the $787 billion economic stimulus–the primary engine for the green-energy agenda–came to an end September 30, it is clear that the program created far […]


Bill O’Reilly Makes a Mess of the Economic Mess

On last night’s Fox show (6/23/11), O’Reilly gave viewers a lesson in… well, something: So why is this happening? Well, it all boils down to political philosophy. President Obama is a liberal guy who believes the feds should run the economic show, and he hired advisers who believe that as well. The administration then set out to fight the recession by spending government money, the so-called stimulus, and that ran up trillions of dollars of debt. Historically, the way out of recessions is to give the private sector lower tax rates and reward businesses for hiring people. But the Obama […]