And Now, a Word From Henry Kissinger…


Henry Kissinger is making the rounds again–mostly reminding us that elite media love to fawn over Henry Kissinger.


Ted Koppel and Terrorism

Ted Koppel

Veteran journalist Ted Koppel says we shouldn’t overreact to terrorism. This is the same Ted Koppel who, just a few years ago, argued that the U.S. response to any terrorist attack should be to attack Iran.


Killing Civilians Is More Popular Than You’d Think–Especially Among Pundits

Gallup polling on whether it's OK for individuals to kill civilians.

Where do Americans get the idea that it’s OK to kill civilians? Could it be that they’re listening to media pundits?


Ted Koppel’s Terrible Media Criticism


TV news veteran Ted Koppel has done two pieces on NBC‘s Rock Center that attempt to critique the partisanship of today’s media system. But what the reports really illustrate is that some people aren’t very good at playing media critic–especially when they feel obligated to suggest that “both sides” are equally at fault. Koppel’s first report (9/13/12) looked at right and left watchdogs, “an industry out there on both sides monitoring and recording anything that could hurt the political opposition.” That “industry” consists of the liberalĀ  Media Matters for America and the right-wing Media Research Center. As Koppel explains, “You […]


Ted Koppel on Ditching Democracy

The Washington Post‘s Outlook section has a feature (5/15/11) about getting rid of certain concepts or products. Former ABC anchor Ted Koppel suggests dumping democracy: “The concept remains worthy, but the word is rapidly being exhausted of all residual value.” Koppel’s point is that the Arab Spring uprisings might not produce wholly democratic outcomes: “The instant transfer of political power is intoxicating, but it should not be confused with democracy itself.” Then Koppel turns his attention to U.S. policy: Truth be told, our government’s commitment to democracy in other countries is almost whimsically inconsistent: clearly greater in Libya than in […]


Henry Kissinger’s Big Ideas

From Meet the Press (3/27/11): GREGORY: I’ll start with you, Ted Koppel. You spent time, in your early days as a correspondent, with Henry Kissinger. KOPPEL: I did. GREGORY: Who knew something about the big ideas for the world. Is this administration getting the big ideas right in the–in the tumult of the Middle East? Who knows what those “big ideas” might be. But if you want to make Ted Koppel feel comfortable, it’s good to praise Henry Kissinger– as we noted recently: Koppel once boasted of Kissinger: “Henry Kissinger is, plain and simply, the best secretary of state we […]


Ted Koppel Lectures Viewers About Good Old Days

Veteran corporate journalists tend to dismiss the Internet age for delivering news with a point of view. In the good old days, you received a broad array of information from a broad array of guests. But nowadays you only read or watch things that conform to your political point of view. It’s not clear that this is even true, but it’s pretty unconvincing coming from the likes of former Nightline host Ted Koppel (via TVNewser, 4/13/10). In response to a question from anchor Katty Kay about a new Pew Research survey–in which 64 percent of broadcast news executives believe the […]