‘Deadliest Day’ in Afghanistan? Not by a Long Shot

August 6, 2011, when 38 soldiers, including 30 U.S. troops, were killed when their helicopter was shot down, was the “deadliest day” of the Afghan War, several media outlets told us: David Muir (ABC World News Saturday, 8/6/11): “It was the deadliest day of the war in Afghanistan, 30 Americans, 22 Navy SEALs lost.” David Gregory (NBC Meet the Press, 8/7/11): “This was the single deadliest day of the war.” Chicago Tribune headline (8/7/11): “Taliban Says It Downed Copter in Deadliest Day of War in Afghanistan” ABC This Week graphic (8/7/11): “DEADLIEST DAY IN AFGHANISTAN” Terrell Brown, CBS Morning News […]