Fox Coverage of OWS: Now Even Beckier!

Fox‘s coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement has often looked and sounded like Glenn Beck were still working there. On Friday’s broadcast of the O’Reilly Factor (10/14/11), Beck was there to show how wild conspiracy-mongering is done: O’REILLY: What’s the George Soros factor here? BECK: George Soros is connected with this through the Tides Foundation. The Tides Foundation, his Open Society and Code Pink are involved in what is called the Wall Street Journal… Occupied Wall Street Journal. And it is a–it’s a full color newspaper. O’REILLY: Right. BECK: You know what it costs to print a newspaper. O’REILLY: […]


For Beck, Norway Shooter Wasn’t Right-Wing–Though His Victims Were ‘Hitler Youth’

Glenn Beck (7/25/11, via Mediaite, 7/25/11) explains on his radio show why the right-wing Norway terror suspect is what we call left-wing here in America: This was one of the episodes where I showed the railroad tracks that were different than America. In America, the left railroad track is gigantic government–it could be Communist or Fascist, it doesn’t matter, it’s giant government. The other side of the track is anarchy or very, very small government. So that’s the left and right here in America. The Left and Right in Europe, because, once they got rid of the kings, they didn’t […]


Glenn Beck Shares a Tides Foundation Obsession With Alleged Mass Murder Plotter

Web-based outlets like Salon (7/21/10) and Talking Points Memo (7/21/10) have picked up on the connection–apparently first pointed out by dagblog (7/21/10)– between shooting suspect Byron Williams and Fox News host Glenn Beck. But to judge from a Nexis search, traditional media have ignored the story almost completely. (One exception, found via Facebook: local CBS station KPIX, 7/21/10.) Arrested in Oakland after he was wounded in a shootout, Williams is said by police to have had both a hefty arsenal and plans to commit mass murder at the ACLU and the Tides Foundation. The latter organization, a group that supports […]