Fox Sports Acknowledges That Lying to Viewers Is ‘Misleading’

Fox Sports, covering a football game between the Chicago Bears and Atlanta Falcons (9/11/11), put up a bunch of headlines about Bears quarterback Jay Cutler’s knee problems: Cutler Leaves With Injury Cutler Lacks Courage Cutler’s No Leader “These are the actual headlines from the local papers in Chicago,” announcer Daryl Johnston declared. Wow, were the local papers really that harsh? Reporters from the Chicago Tribune remembered the press being pretty supportive of the injured player, actually, and accordingly suspected funny business. After their search of papers all over Illinois turned up no such headlines, Fox Sports admitted they had just […]


Telecoms’ ‘Fake Grassroots’ Push Net Misinformation

Diligent media reformers Free Press (8/19/09) have announced a nifty new “online interactive tool to expose phony grassroots groups hired by big phone and cable companies to advance their political agenda.” They’re talking about “‘astroturf‘ organizations–many of which also work for the health insurance, energy and tobacco industries”– that “are mobilizing to spread misinformation about Network Neutrality and Internet policies.” The group’s graphic presentation “tracks the huge amounts of money that phone and cable companies spend on lobbyists and campaign contributions” and reveals the contradictory and dishonest claims about Net Neutrality and other issues from top industry executives; and it […]