O’Reilly’s Marijuana/Texting/Videogame Theory Destroyed by Guest

Marijuana Daily Use Chart

One of the most satisfying O’Reilly Factor episodes ever aired Monday night when, through some terrible miscalculation, someone who knew what he was talking about managed to get on the show.


The ‘New’ Newsweek’s Nuclear Power Puffery

There was a lot of chatter about editor Tina Brown and the “new” Newsweek, which debuted last week. None of it struck me as all that interesting–a column up front from Leslie Gelb warning about the threat of Arab democracy and an anti-Social Security harangue from Robert Samuelson made it feel very much like the “old” Newsweek. One other piece stood out, and only more so this week–a warm profile of the executive in charge of France’s nuclear power company, Areva. The subhead was “France’s Most Powerful Businesswoman Believes Now Is the Time for the Next Atomic Boom.” And the […]