Does Today Show Know Michelle Rhee’s Record?


Michelle Rhee’s history could make her an interesting person to interview for a piece about the overemphasis on standardized testing. But the failure to mention Rhee’s scandal suggests that either the Today show doesn’t know that history–or doesn’t think it matters.


Dick Cheney’s Ho-Hum About Liberal Media Bias

When Dick Cheney appeared on the Today show, at the conclusion of the interview a camera that shows the crowd outside the studio picked up this image: That sign probably represented the harshest take on Cheney’s record that TV viewers saw during the PR campaign for his book. Unsurprisingly, it caught someone’s attention over at Fox News, and on Sunday host Chris Wallace decided to use it in a question about liberal media bias. That’s not surprising. Cheney’s response, though, is worth a look: WALLACE: What do you make of that? I mean, I somehow doubt that if Hillary Clinton […]