NYT’s Gaza Flotilla Flop

You can learn a lot from reading the Corrections box in the New York Times–often because going back to read the story that is being corrected reveals more than the correction itself. On October 20, the Israeli navy intercepted another boat attempting to reach the Gaza Strip to deliver supplies in defiance of the Israeli blockade. In the October 21 edition of the Times, Jodi Rudoren filed a story about this news. But it was what she remembered about an earlier flotilla that was most revealing. In 2010 Israeli forces launched a deadly assault on the Mavi Marmara boat, killing […]


When a Headline Says a Lot

The Washington Post today: Diplomatic Efforts Unable to Derail Palestinians’ UN Gambit “Gambit” is the kind of word that seems intended to send a certain message–as if there some kind of sneaky maneuver at work here. That’s especially true when it is contrasted with “diplomatic efforts.” In this case, the paper is referring to efforts by superpowers (like the United States) to tell people with very little power (Palestinians) to pipe down. Whatever you think of Palestinian efforts to elevate their status at the United Nations, an alternate headline–“U.S. Gambits Unlikely to Derail Palestinians’ Diplomatic Efforts”–is hard to imagine.


NYT Misstates U.S. Record on UN Vetoes

The New York Times has a curious reference today concerning the White House’s strategy on a United Nations Security Council resolution critical of Israeli settlements: The new White House press secretary, Jay Carney, said Thursday that he would not say whether the United States would invoke its rarely used veto power in the Council. The United States vetoes Security Council resolutions more often than any other country. (The Soviet Union once racked up an impressive record in a short amount of time, but since 1970 or so the United States has led by a wide margin.) Many of those vetoes […]


Iran, Sanctions and Maintaining ‘International Unity’

The U.S. has drawnup a new round of proposed sanctions against Iran that they intend to present before the U.N. Security Council. Thisis obviouslya rebuke of Brazil and Turkey for negotiating their own deal with Iran. The Washington Post refers to the countriesas “two junior Security Council members” that ” swooped in with their own deal with Iran to forestall new penalties on the Islamic republic.” Brazil and Turkey are unsurprisingly upset at the U.S. move, and thePost tells us (5/19/10) that this reaction is of some concern: The reaction signified potential difficulties ahead in winning unanimous approval for the […]


NewsHour Poses a Moral Conundrum

PBS‘s NewsHour‘s Gwen Ifill (9/15/09), quizzing Richard Goldstone on his U.N. fact-finding mission that found that both Israel and Palestinian fighters had committed war crimes in the Gaza conflict: The term “even-handed” is the problem that Israel has with the conclusions in the report. Your criticism of Israel seems so much harsher than that of the Palestinians. Why is that? CBS News (9/9/09), summarizing a report by Israel’s leading human rights group: Well over half of nearly 1,400 Palestinians killed in Israel’s Gaza war were civilians, including 252 children younger than 16, a leading Israeli human rights groups said Wednesday, […]