It’s Cold Outside, So CNN Debates Climate Change


Right from the beginning, the January 6 episode of CNN‘s Crossfire sounded like a bad idea. Here’s the announcement that aired at the top of the show: How far below zero does it have to get to cool off the global warming debate? To make things clearer, the top of the show announcement continued: This week’s historic cold brings out the skeptics. Will it put the climate change debate in the deep freeze? But while cold weather might “bring out” climate change deniers, it was CNN that decided to put one on Crossfire, creating a familiar–and false— “balance” between those […]


The New Crossfire: Where Both Sides Support War With Syria

FireShot Screen Capture #593 - 'Analysis_ Obama 'leading from behind'_' - www_cnn_com_video_data_2_0_video_politics_2013_08_27_lead-politics-gop-obama-syria-se-cupp-van-jones_cnn_html

“Left” debates “right” on CNN. Both sides want to bomb Syria.


No Protests From the Left–According to Progressive TV Guest

Here’s something you don’t see very often–a progressive person of color on a Sunday morning chat show. There was Van Jones on ABC‘s This Week on April 1. Also there? Right-wing firebrand Ann Coulter. Huh. But it was something that Jones said that caught my attention. Well, you know, I think that probably the majority of people who are in the Democratic Party, progressive independents or what I would call post-hope Democrats–we’re Democrats, we did the vote and hope. And when we–what happened was, we sat back and we let the Tea Party crowd dominate the protests world in the […]


Fox Coverage of OWS: Now Even Beckier!

Fox‘s coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement has often looked and sounded like Glenn Beck were still working there. On Friday’s broadcast of the O’Reilly Factor (10/14/11), Beck was there to show how wild conspiracy-mongering is done: O’REILLY: What’s the George Soros factor here? BECK: George Soros is connected with this through the Tides Foundation. The Tides Foundation, his Open Society and Code Pink are involved in what is called the Wall Street Journal… Occupied Wall Street Journal. And it is a–it’s a full color newspaper. O’REILLY: Right. BECK: You know what it costs to print a newspaper. O’REILLY: […]


Know Your Enemy

Politico (10/14/09) published a list of top topics on Glenn Beck’s Fox News show, based on a search of Nexis transcripts since the show’s January 2009 debut. It’s instructive to look at the placement of some individuals, groups and places in the news as an indication of Beck’s sense of whom and what his audience should be informed about: ACORN: 1,224 Van Jones: 267 SEIU: 259 Afghanistan: 97 Iraq: 95 Valerie Jarrett: 52 Mark Lloyd: 50 Al-Qaeda: 50 Bill Ayers: 46 John Holdren: 43 Jeremiah Wright: 42 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 41 Osama Bin Laden: 40 Taliban: 38


The Fabulously Unsurprising Lies of Glenn Beck

Eva Paterson (Huffington Post, 8/28/09), president and founder of the Equal Justice Society, has a response to Glenn Beck’s assertion that “I want to point out the silence; no one has challenged these facts” after having been “smearing White House special advisor Van Jones for days on his show.” Being “the person who first hired Van Jones,” Paterson finds herself “in a unique position to know the truth.” And falling squarely in the fabulously unsurprising category is that “the truth is: Beck is fabricating his facts”: For instance: several times on his show, Beck has said or implied that Van […]